Hardcore/Punk/Emo vets No Motiv release first new single in 13 years
Hardcore/Punk/Emo vets No Motiv release first new single in 13 years
Saturday, June 29, 2024 - 08:20
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Oxnard post-hardcore/punk/emo vets No Motiv have announced signing with SoCal indie label Wiretap Records, and have just released “Pieces,” their first new song since 2011’s single “Once Again Sundays.” You can watch the video below.

Navigating through the trickiness that is being a band with members that live across the West Coast, it is a true challenge to get all four members in the same room. Timing seems to be everything these days, and unfortunately for the band, there was no chance that the band could get together to make a video.To work through this, with Jeremy Palaszewski and Steve at the helm, they decided to shoot each band member separate of each other. Jeremy and Pat had the opportunity to film together at The Captains Quarters Studio in Ventura, where some of the song was recorded. The duo then met up at Roger’s home studio to film his live tracking of bass, and then met with Max to capture his performance. Although the band was remote from each other, the energy of the song provided all the inspiration to fuel each members contribution.

No Motiv specialized in the sort of personal introspection and emotional catharsis that defines the subgenre known as emocore. They released two albums on Edge Records, Cynical and Scarred, and soon became one of the first bands to sign to the then-fledgling Vagrant Records. No Motiv continued their recording career by contributing songs to films and to Vagrant's Five Years on the Streets compilation. The latter in particular set the stage for No Motiv's Vagrant label debut album; And the Sadness Prevails was released in early 1999. Ten tours and two years later, Diagram for Healing, produced by 's Trever Keith, was issued in spring 2001. Lineup changes ensued before the release of the Lola EP in June 2003, and January of the following year saw the darker, more mature effort of Daylight Breaking.