Florida's Havoc Underground just started a label
Florida's Havoc Underground just started a label
Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 19:04
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Central Florida based music promotion company, Havoc Underground, has started a small label addition to the company. “Since we started, our goal has always been the same – help grow the underground music scene,” says founder Jake LeDrew. "We’ve been setting up and promoting shows, festivals, and sharing industry news for about two years now. We’ve seen and met so much talent, that it just seemed like a natural next step to add a label portion to what we do.”

Havoc Underground started in 2017 and is run by Central Florida musicians Jake LeDrew (Dial Drive) and Billy Morrissey (The ProblemAddictsfl). They’ve put on over 100 shows to date with artists from all over the world. While mainly sticking to the punk genre, they’ve booked ska, reggae, acoustic, and metal bands as well. Their biggest event - Florida Underground Fest - is an annual event in Orlando that showcases over 30 bands every year from all over the state of Florida.

“Our main goal with this ‘label’ is to create a music collective of rad underground bands throughout the country. Currently we have 7 bands on board, and we’re looking forward to adding many many more.”

Havoc Underground’s first release will be the self titled debut album from the Central Florida Melodic punk band Our Escape.