The ProblemAddictsfl release new single 'Hard Times in Petunia'
The ProblemAddictsfl release new single 'Hard Times in Petunia'
Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 07:42
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The ProblemAddictsfl have just released their new single "Hard Times in Petunia". This is the first track released under their new label, Havoc Underground, as well as the first recording to feature guitar player/singer Trey Ayers.

The song is written about having to cancel their West Coast tour right in the middle of it due to COVID. While on their way to the West Coast, the band got the word that the majority of the CA shows had been cancelled. Basically they had found themselves stuck in Colorado Springs, unsure of what to do next. "The song is pretty much about the pain of leaving the road" says Trey. With most of thiher shows cancelled, and experiencing mechanical problems from Petunia (the bands touring van) they decided to head back to their home state of Florida. It was on that trip that the band wrote "Hard Times in Petunia".

They're currently still writing and recording, with the hopes of releasing a new EP or album later this year.