First listen: gruff punks Rich Widows stream their debut EP ‘Half-empty glasses & despair'
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 12:51
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Rich Widows call themselves “your new friendly neighbourhood gruff punks”. But there’s nothing really friendly about the Belgian band’s debut EP. ‘Half-empty glasses & despair’ contains 5 tracks that tell catchy but sad tales of drinking, infinite sadness, more drinking, bar fights and heartbreak.

Basically, it’s what you would expect from flannel-shirt wearing 30-somethings who, as they say themselves, “are inspired by Pegboy, Dillinger 4, The Lawrence Arms, copious amounts of alcohol and the sad reality that is life”.

‘Half-empty glasses & despair’ will also be available soon on very limited-edition cassette tape through Nosebleed Records.

(photo credit: ©Telfix Photography)