F.O.D. & friends release single for charity
Friday, November 10, 2017 - 19:33
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Punk rock veterans F.O.D. have collaborated with Destudio for ‘De Warmste Week’, an annual charity event organized by Belgian radio station Studio Brussel. The band hopes to raise money with their new single “Hope For A Moment” for “Wereld-Delen / Recht en Welzijn”, an organization known for its fight against poverty.

For the occasion, F.O.D. joined forces with some of Belgium’s finest singers in punk rock and metal: Jeroen Camerlynck (Fleddy Melculy), Dieter Meyns (Flatcat), Roos Van Acker (Eden), Steven Van Crombruggen (Off The Cross), Hanne Terweduwe (For I Am) and Tim Van Doorn.

Supported by Destudio, Funtime Records and Bearded Punk Records the single is released –both in digital and physical format. All proceeds will be donated to “Wereld-Delen”.

“Hope For A Moment” by F.O.D & Friends is out today. Listen to it below and and buy it via the band’s website or via Funtime or Bearded Punk.