DZ DEATHRAYS reveal video for new single 'Make Yourself Mad'
DZ DEATHRAYS reveal video for new single 'Make Yourself Mad'
Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - 20:43
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DZ DEATHRAYS are pleased to share the video for their new single ‘Make Yourself Mad’. The track is the fourth to be taken from their forthcoming fifth studio album Positive Rising: Part 2 set for release on 9th July 2021 via Alcopop! Records.

‘Make Yourself Mad’ is a raucous statement on the role we play in allowing social media, or the media propaganda machine, to boil our blood and seriously impact our mental and physical health. In between heavy guitar riffs, singer Shane Parsons reckons with the sensation of opening an app or turning on the TV, knowing full well the way it’ll make him feel.

‘‌Get off the internet / Turn down the noise / No more 60 Minutes / Don’t let them have a voice … Reading a headline / Choosing your side / Miseducated they try to change your mind.’

Parsons reflects on ways we can individually break the negative cycle, instead of being gluttons for punishment: “Sometimes the simplest answer to people getting frustrated by other people’s opinions is to just leave it alone. Remove yourself.”

Before its official release, DZ Deathrays publicised the chords and lyrics to ‘Make Yourself Mad’, urging fans and peers to upload their own interpretations of the song ahead of its debut. Melbourne duo Cry Club were among a flood of DZ fans who were quick to upload a cover of the track on Instagram.