Chris Farren shares Jay Som-produced single 'Bluish'
Chris Farren shares Jay Som-produced single 'Bluish'
Sunday, June 11, 2023 - 11:51
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Beloved and prolific songwriter Chris Farren recently announced his new Jay Som-produced album, Doom Singer, to early praise from the likes of NPR Music, Billboard, Stereogum, Paste and more. Today, following lead single “Cosmic Leash,” Farren shares the album’s opening track “Bluish.”

“I don’t remember how to do this,” Farren croons,  admitting to feeling codependent in his marriage, worried he is too much to manage, that his neuroses might disrupt a delicate domestic balance. It was the first song he wrote for the album and the one that determined its narrative course. We’re made to believe aging makes you wiser, but as Farren has grown into the prodigious songwriter you hear on Doom Singer, he’s only grown less certain. “I’m constantly processing the way I feel about things, and I didn’t want any of these songs to sound sure of themselves, or to communicate any clear message,” he says. Check out the song and its video below, of which Farren explains "For this video I stood in front of a green screen while my wife blasted me with a leaf blower for 5 minutes. I was inspired by a short animated film I saw on the Criterion Channel (I’m smart) called “Asparagus” by an amazing visual artist named Suzan Pitt.”