Brian Fallon reveals new video for "Forget Me Not"
Monday, December 4, 2017 - 14:50
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Brian Fallon has unveiled the official video for his brand single ‘Forget Me Not’, from his much-anticipated new solo album, SLEEPWALKERS, due out February 9th via Virgin EMI.

Matching the aesthetic of the song, the video sees Fallon and the band dressed to the nines, shot in classic black and white, performing the track. He’s later joined by a riotous crowd who are there to lose all inhibitions and have the times of their lives. It’s fun, buoyant and incredibly infectious.

Fallon says; “The video was inspired by the black & white promotional films from the early British R&B bands - The Animals, The Who, and then mixed with the punk rock shows where I started. No stage and the crowd right next to you. All for one, no walls to separate the band and the audience. I wanted to recapture some of that here.”