Blowfuse release new single 'I Give You My Word'
Blowfuse release new single 'I Give You My Word'
Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 18:03
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Barcelona's Blowfuse have released their new single, "I Give You My Word," taken off the band's upcoming album on SBÄM Records. It's a mid-tempo bouncing track that evokes the highlights of the 90s genre, reminiscent of bands like The Offspring or Descendents. Blowfuse's third single from their new album, "The 4th Wall," is a heartfelt tribute to the efforts we put into our everyday lives. Because even if others say otherwise, just making an attempt is already half the battle.

Nowadays, Blowfuse is one of the most known and active punk rock bands of their country, Spain. The band, hailing from Barcelona, was founded around 2008 and began playing shows under the name Godfarts. While gaining renown as Godfarts they released their first album “Messed Up Minds” in 2010. The band was renamed to Blowfuse in 2013. The same year they released “Into The Spiral”, which was recorded, produced and mixed by Darian Rundall, who also worked with bands like Pennywise, TSOL, Suicidal Tendencies and U.S. Bombs.

Influenced by 80’s and 90’s punk rock waves and the skateboard lifestyle, Blowfuse crafts a style of its own, mixing the aggressiveness of hardcore punk, the catchy melodies of 90’s punk rock, the powerful classic rock riffs, and their acid and paranoiac lyrics.

They have toured with bands like Pennywise, 7 Seconds, and played all over Europe. Sometimes even for a length of more than two months. Blowfuse also played with bands such as Adolescents, Face to Face, Authority Zero, A Wilhelm Scream, Youth Brigade, The Casualties, The Unseen and many others. In 2013 they even played the mainstage at the prominent Resurrection Fest, sharing the stage with Bad Religion, Millencolin and Biohazard.