Big D and the Kids Table unveils new single 'New Day'
Big D and the Kids Table unveils new single 'New Day'
Sunday, August 15, 2021 - 13:35
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Big D and the Kids Table will be making their return to SideOneDummy Records on October 22nd with an inspiring 20-track collection of new songs appropriately titled DO YOUR ART. "I wanted to instill in young artists, or old artists, or whoever to keep doing it," explains vocalist Dave McWane. "Meaning even though life might pull you away with its demands, and life's tough and there's no middle class anymore and it's just work, work, work - don't give up. Every musician, artist, and dancer needs to realize that that's magic inside of them that other people don't have."

The band revealed their second single "New Day" earlier this week. It's an upbeat ska-punk love song of sorts. "The best thing one can experience in life is to fall in love," describes McWane. "So the next time your close friend gets dumped and is feeling low down, remind them that the person who dumped them just gave them the best gift one can give... and that gift is to be able to fall in love again. It will be a whole new day."

Vinyl LP preorders and exclusive merch bundles are available via SideOneDummy’s webstore. The first pressing of vinyl is available in half & half red and blue with yellow splatter (500 copies) and solid blue (1,000 copies).