Worriers release new single “Gaslighter”
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 21:36
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Worriers released new single "Gaslighter", a tense and sarcastic dark-pop anthem of vindication. An undeniable hook combined with scathing lyrics allows Denitzio’s words to hit with a quiet ferocity, finally putting an end to things once and for all.
Most of the songs off of Worriers forthcoming album Survival Pop were written as an act of self-preservation. “I wrote the majority of the songs on this record thinking about what kinds of songs past versions of myself would’ve needed or been listening to at different points in my life."

Denitzio composed the record after arriving on the other side of a difficult time. From enduring years of health issues that led to open heart surgery at the age of 25, to growing up queer, to losing friends to substance abuse and suicide, Denitzio is no stranger to life’s struggles. While these experiences certainly influenced the creation of Survival Pop, Denitzio has used this record to transform them into a triumphant rallying cry, a celebration of overcoming, and a cathartic and empowering journey to self-actualization.

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