Anti-Flag share 'VICTORY OR DEATH (WE GAVE 'EM HELL)' video feat. Campino
Anti-Flag share 'VICTORY OR DEATH (WE GAVE 'EM HELL)' video feat. Campino
Wednesday, December 7, 2022 - 10:45
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Anti-Flag are inching closer to the release of their 13th album Lies They Tell Our Children on January 6 via Spinefarm and have now shared 'Victory Or Death (We Gave 'Em Hell,' featuring Die Toten Hosen's Campino.

The band about the song:

"From the first play through of the chord progression of 'Victory or Death,' we knew where it needed to go lyrically. It sounded like hope. It sounded like empathy. Carrying the stories of freedom fighters who were forgotten, perhaps never known, or far too often had their legacies softened, made out to be less radical and safe for American History books.

"This song stands as homage and a testament to the people who've laid the groundwork for progress. Using all within their sometimes limited power to alleviate suffering, challenge the status quo of violence, and demand a reckoning with societal norms that further marginalize and exploit people.

"In spirit with the concept behind Lies They Tell Our Children, we were leaning hard on and embracing our inspirations as a band. Touring with Die Toten Hosen in 2008 was an eye-opening experience. One that has stuck with us through the years. So it only made sense for us to reach out to Campino to see if he had interest in being a part of this track. Not only was he willing to sing the verse we wrote for him, he also penned his own in German. Our hearts and minds were blown away by it.

"This song is one of the most important moments on the album. We’re grateful to share this with the world. To pay our respects to the activists and agitators who lived their lives to leave the world better than they found it.

"March on to our very last breath, it's victory or death…"