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Walk The Plank
Zebrahead – Walk The Plank
Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 14:46
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Apparently “Walk The Plank” is already album number twelve for the party punks that make up Zebrahead. Holy shit, right? For two decades, these Orange County natives have been bringing the party to your doorstep. With a blatant disregard to whether you wanted them to do so or not.

 “Who Brings A Knife To A Gunfight?” starts off with a Middle Eastern-tinged melody, before the song explodes in the kind of rap-rock tune that even Crazy Town would frown upon. Next up is “Worse Than This”, a ska-punk tune that…well, just isn’t very good in spite of its happy happy joy joy styled chorus. It did leave me thinking. What could be worse than this? Maybe “Headrush” or “Running With Wolves”, two songs that sound like Papa Roach on uppers?

You gotta hand it to these guys though… they do offer a lot of variety on “Walk The Plank”. The mellow “So What” sounds like a Sublime leftover that wasn’t deemed release-worthy, the title track is a power ballad gone wrong and the intro of “Wasted Generation” sounds like something a power metal band would churn out before turning into this hardcore punk tune that then leads into yet another poppy singalong chorus with plenty of whoa’s. 

The one thing all these songs have in common is that I don’t like them. But I’m guessing the target demographic is the Warped Tour crowd and people who say things like ‘oh my gosh’ a lot, rather than a 36-year-old guy who quotes Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon (“I’m too old for this shit!”) on pretty much a daily basis.