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Collective Guilt
Zebra Tracks - Collective Guilt
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 00:00
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All the way from Greece comes Zebra Tracks to follow up on their 2009 debut full-length “A Family Picture From…”. This indie rock outfit dabbles in post-punk and shoegaze and they dabble well. Songs like “Bicycles” bring My Bloody Valentine to mind whereas “Party Is Over” comes with a danceable beat that suggests the exact opposite of the title.

With the help of bouncy rhythms, wavering guitars and a versatile vocalist, these guys have got a lot of goodness going on and managed to make “Collective Guilt” an introvert yet rocking album that stays engaging until the last notes of “Natalia Please Go Die” ring out along with Natalia’s last breath if all goes according to Zebra Tracks’ plan.