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Across The Sunshine State
Sunday Driver - Across The Sunshine State
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 00:00
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Sunday Driver is back… but not really. “Across The Sunshine State” is an EP with four previously unreleased tracks that were recorded back in 2004. This melodic rock outfit out of Miami never quite made it to the big leagues like Jimmy Eat World or even the semi big leagues like The Juliana Theory (whatever happened to those guys?), but I can still remember rocking out to “A Letter To Brison City” when it first came out.

Listening to these songs, I’m thinking it’s a shame they never got to make more of a name for themselves. “Pack Your Bags” and “Can’t Turn Back Now” are solid tunes, both of them catchy, energetic and easy on the ears. One for the nostalgics!