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Pioneer Of Nothing
You Blew It! – Pioneer Of Nothing
Sunday, February 8, 2015 - 15:51
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Following up on their sophomore album “Keep Doing What You’re Doing” and their recent Weezer cover EP, Florida’s You Blew It! is back  yet again for another round with the 3-song seven-inch “Pioneer Of Nothing”.

Opening track “Lanai” shows the band picking up where they left off with their last full-length, albeit in slightly more intricate fashion with the song blossoming open with every passing hook. Their take on gently twinkling indie rock has honestly never sounded better than this. Also worth your while is “Bedside Manor”, where You Blew It! is letting it rip, before reigning things in and then letting it rip again. “Your Side” on the other hand has to be one of the band’s most vulnerable songs to date. While it is actually as layered as any of their other songs, the song comes with a stripped down kinda feeling.

“Pioneer Of Nothing” is a solid EP that shows a band becoming more confident and comfortable with every single release. Nice to see them teaming up with Jade Tree, who have been very quiet these last couple of years but seem to be ready to get back to business this year while at the same time celebrating their 25th anniversary. You Blew It! will be headlining their own tour in support of this 7” with Tiny Moving Parts and Rozwell

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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