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Wraths – Wraths
Wednesday, December 31, 2014 - 16:46
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As if his work with Pennywise and Black Pacific wasn’t time-consuming enough yet, Jim Lindberg has now also joined a new punk band formed by members of 1208 and The Darlings! No need to facepalm yourself if you haven’t heard of Wraths yet, they have kept a low profile up until now, quietly releasing this self-titled EP a couple of days ago without the support of a label.

The seven songs on here are short blasts of pent-up aggression the band flies through in two minutes or less, having more in common with angst-soaked 80ies punk than with its melodic 90ies counterparts. Song titles like “I’m A Target” and “Back Of The Line” should make it pretty obvious as well that these are not sugary declarations of love. The production has been kept to a strict minimum, resulting in a nice raw sound that suits the music.

Here’s to hoping this one doesn’t fly under the radar unnoticed!