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Life Cycles
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 18:46
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The Word Alive is a metalcore band who like to embellish their songs with some keyboard sounds. Not in an annoying way like so many other bands out there, they use this element with moderation and in the right places.

Unfortunately for them they stick to all the other clichés in the genre with a vengeance. The chugga chugga riffs and staccato drumming make way for swirling riffs in the big choruses that of course, come with clean vocals. Even the lyrics are cliché with lines such as ‘I'd rather die for what I believe/than to live a life without meaning’.

If you are that one person who still hasn’t grown tired of metalcore, you might enjoy “Life Cycles” because they are pretty good at what they do despite the profound lack of originality.