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No Peace
Trash Talk – No Peace
Saturday, July 5, 2014 - 20:25
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The new Trash Talk opens with a short instrumental by hardcore rap producer The Alchemist that comes with a pulsating bassline and various ominous sounds before exploding into “Jigsaw”, the kind of short and furious thrasher that this Sacramento-based band based their career on. With lightning speed drums, simple yet highly effective riffs and a pissed off vocalist, this sounds like it could have been released anywhere in the 1980s, only with way better sound.

The band keeps up the blistering pace as they blast through songs like “Leech”, “Cloudkicker” and “Just A Taste”, building on their previous work ever so subtly by using riffs and hooks that might even be construed as catchy. It’s like listening to Black Flag, Ceremony and Suicidal Tendencies all rolled up into one big joint. Three different blends of weed that hit you equally hard. As a reminder that Trash Talk signed to the Odd Future label, there is another Alchemist contribution to be found towards the end of the album and King Krule pops up on a bonus track.

“No Peace” is an album where innovation is limited but it does see Trash Talk tap into an intensity and power that I didn’t think was possible after having heard their previous releases.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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