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Big Kiss Goodnight
Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 21:10
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Trapped Under Ice already got a lot done in the couple of years that they’ve been around: a demo, an EP, a split release with Dirty Money and a full-length. And now they’re back with another pretty solid album called “Big Kiss Goodnight”. Don’t expect anything funny or experimental, this is straight-up, pissed-off hardcore. The kind that will make you want to break someone else’s jaw. Oh wait, they already did that! Basically “Big Kiss Goodnight” is half an hour of metallic hardcore that comes with plenty of NYHC influences. Plus it packs breakdowns in all the right places and to top it all off they injected everything with just the right amount of melody. Just like this review, this album is kinda formulaic. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that when it’s done well. I hope the band feels likewise about my review. Score: 8 out of 10