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For Today - Immortal
Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 21:21
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After three albums on Facedown, the dudes that make up For Today have found a new home over at Razor & Tie. Other than that things haven’t changed much on “Immortal”. Not that I think anybody was expecting them to change anything. After all, ‘innovative’ and ‘metalcore’ are two words that just don’t go together.

Expect to hear these guys regurgitating all the clichés I’ve grown tired of a long time ago. There are breakdowns. Of course. There are over the top screams mixed with clean vocal parts that remind me of POD. Hell, Sonny from POD even joins them in “The Only Name”. There are chugga chugga riffs. Duh! Throw in overtly Christian lyrics that I can’t relate to and you end up with a – putting it mildly - not so good album that will only be enjoyed by those of you who somehow still haven’t grown tired of all the Facedown/Solid State bands.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

Lacking the talent to actually play in a band, Tom decided he would write about bands instead. Turns out his writing skills are mediocre at best as well.