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The Last Thing You Forget
Title Fight – The Last Thing You Forget
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 - 00:00
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“The Last Thing You Forget” is available as a 3-song 7” or as a 12-song CD with the additional songs being everything the band has recorded up ‘til this point. Title Fight has this whole post-hardcore meets poppunk thing going on and pull it off well enough. They cite influences such as the almighty Jawbreaker, Texas Is The Reason and Hot Water Music which is pretty much the trinity of good taste. And true enough, the guitars are chugging, the vocals are gritty and the rhythms are upbeat and have a tendency to change every 15 seconds. They never lose sight of the melody though while kicking around wildly. Think early Saves The Day, Polar Bear Club or labelmates Transit.

The older songs sound a lot poppier than the new material with the three new cuts being a lot more in-your-face and more abrasive. If they forge ahead in that direction, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna hear a lot more from these Kingston, PA natives in the near future.