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Revolution Spring
The Suicide Machines Revolution Spring Punk Rock Theory
Friday, March 27, 2020 - 17:08
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- by Chris Crane

Right off the bat, this feels like a Suicide Machines album. "Bully in Blue" brings the same burst of energy with which "New Girl" and "Someone" kicked off "Destruction by Definition" and "Battle Hymns" respectively. This band has a real skill for balancing positively upbeat music with heavy subject matter, and with themes of institutionalized racism and police brutality delivered in a, dare I say, danceable package they've struck that balance in this opener without coming across as preachy so much as timely and relevant.

The song order on "Revolution Spring" is rock solid. The first two tracks start on a musical high before taking a dark and heavy turn with "Babylon of Ours" and "Flint Hostage Crisis" we're brought back up for a few songs, tricked into rocking out to what is at it's heart a somber tribute to a passed friend in "Trapped in a Bomb" then dropping back into the classic hardcore styling of "Detroit is the New Miami" before ascending to the second half's generally fun and balanced vibe, still effectively punctuated with appropriate key changes and Jay Navarro's quality yell to contrast his otherwise melodic vocals.

If this album suffers from anything, it's some clunky lyrics. A handful of lines with a few syllables too many definitely rub me the wrong way and stick out on every listen. It's a hard thing to avoid in songwriting at times, but man it bugs me. That's it though. I can't say anything else bad about this album because it's fucking good.

Few bands can move between styles the way the Suicide Machines do. Their influences are clear in their ability to weave Ska, Hardcore, and what I guess I'd call, like 90's Skate Punk or something into not only a whole album but at times a single song without any part of it feeling unwelcome or out of place. Don't get me wrong, their discography isn't flawless, but with "Revolution Spring" they've fucking nailed it. If you've never seen this band live, you're missing out. Their shows are always a blast and this material will only add to the energy. Their hooks will worm their way into your brain and make themselves at home.



Track listing:

  1. Bully in Blue
  2. Awkward Always    
  3. Babylon of Ours
  4. Flint Hostage Crisis
  5. Play Caesar
  6. Trapped in a Bomb
  7. Detroit is the New Miami
  8. Eternal Contratian
  9. Well Whiskey Wishes
  10. Black Tar Halo
  11. Empty Time
  12. Impossible Possibilities
  13. Potter's Song
  14. Simple
  15. Anarchrist Wedding
  16. Cheers to Ya
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Tom Dumarey

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