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A Broken Nose And The Good Fight
The Snotty Cheekbones - A Broken Nose And The Good Fight Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - 18:53
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There may be no alphorn in sight, but the hills sure are alive with the sound of music on The Snotty Cheekbones’ fourth album, out now on Monster Zero Records. ‘A Broken Nose And The Good Fight’ finds these guys dishing out 11 new songs that form a tasty smorgasbord (which is Swedish, not Swiss) of punk styles.

Opener ‘Dark Ages’ takes you back to 80’s Cali punk rock, while ‘Good Fight’ has a bit of Social D going on. ‘Holes In The Shoes’ sees them taking on the task of playing ska and not sucking, ‘Fuck’ is a song that Blag Dahlia hasn’t gotten round to writing yet and cuts like ‘Bullets’ and ‘Raise Your Glass’ sound like the Cheekbones own at least a couple of Lookout! Records releases.


A Broken Nose And The Good Fight track listing:

  1. Dark Ages    
  2. Good Fight    
  3. Holes In The Shoes    
  4. Smash It Up    
  5. Hurt
  6. FUCK    
  7. Bullets    
  8. Hockey Rink    
  9. Raise Your Glass    
  10. Out Of Here    
  11. Rain


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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