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Seahaven - Ghost
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 00:00
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“Ghost” is the debut by a band called Seahaven which counts Final Fight drummer James Phillips among their ranks. The songs on here sound like everything Brand New has ever written, condensed into one EP. That’s not a diss… it sounds pretty fucking awesome actually!

They come out swinging with the two heaviest tracks on here (“Plague” and “Birds”) before taking their foot off the gas for the next songs. “Love” sees them veer off in more of a pop-punk direction and comes with guest vocals from Set Your Goals' Jordan Brown.

“Ghost” is a very strong first offering by a new band and while they wear the influences on their sleeve, they definitely transcend being a mere copycat and have managed to mold them into something of their own. I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing more from these guys in the future!