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In Search Of Solid Ground
Saosin – In Search Of Solid Ground
Friday, September 25, 2009 - 00:00
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When Saosin released the “Translating The Name” EP back in 2003, they immediately created a lot of waves. They hit a bump in the road when vocalist Anthony Green left the band the year after but he was soon replaced by Cove Reber. Some say Saosin ceased to be the day Green left. Those are the same people who missed out on an amazingly catchy self-titled album in 2006. We’re three years later now and Saosin is back with the follow-up to an album many thought could not be topped. It’s called “In Search Of Solid Ground” and well, I don’t like repeating myself but it’s amazingly catchy.

The album features a couple of songs that are rearranged versions of tracks you could already find on the band’s “Grey” EP (“I Keep My Secrets Safe”, “The Worst Of Me”). But the improvements are massive so I’d hardly call this a flaw. These guys have a real knack for writing solid songs with hooks aplenty and Reber’s voice floating above it all and while things do sound similar at times, “In Search Of Solid Ground” is simply too much fun. Just check out the bigass choruses in “Keep Down” and “Say Goodbye”!

If looking for solid ground means writing songs like this, I hope that just like Gilligan these guys never find land.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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