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Sometimes Things Just Disappear
Polar Bear Club – Sometimes Things Just Disappear
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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I had already heard so much good things about Polar Bear Club that there’s was no going around it anymore. I had to have the album even though I was kinda worried that no band could live up to my expectations at that point. Turns out they’re even better than what I dared hope for.

Taking cues from acts like Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike, these guys have the whole potent rock with poppunk melodies and post-hardcore riffage thing down to a T and not just that, they’ve managed to come up with something very much their own. Polar Bear Club cranks out these incredible songs at the same time all over “Sometimes Things Just Disappear”. It all sounds very raw and gritty, mostly thanks to the vocals of Mr. Jimmy Stadt. And it all sounds extremely rocking and big. And rocking. And then some. Did I already say it rocks?

“Sometimes Things Just Disappear” is one of those albums that you can’t get enough of. And picking a favorite song seems like the hardest thing to do because they’re all so fucking brilliant. Yes, I’m a fan now and I’m sure this is one band that is going places! And that is including Belgium hopefully :-)