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Green Star
PEARS – Green Star
Sunday, April 10, 2016 - 11:08
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Sophomore slump? I doubt the guys in PEARS ever heard of such a thing. Following a short intro, they rage, kick, thrash and spit all over the place without any concern for their own well-being or that of others. It’s not so much that they occasionally blur the lines between punk and hardcore, they simply demolish them.

PEARS kept the frenetic energy, rawness and aggression from “Go To Prison” intact along with the utter disregard for cohesion, but they upped the melodies. In other words, shit just got better. The album kicks off incredibly strong with “Hinged By Spine”, “Cumshots” and “I Love My Kennel”, the latter of which ends with a nod to the band’s previous album. Speaking of nods, listen close enough and you’ll find plenty more surprises on this album, including references to Blink 182 and even the Beatles.

From there on, they just keep on going, spewing out frantic song after frantic song, only slowing down twice for the piano interludes that are “Dizzy Is Drunk” and “Jump The Fuckin’ Ship”. These interludes blend in surprisingly well and allow you to catch your breath, before PEARS drags you back in the pit with another fast-as-fuck song.

So yeah, no sophomore slump here. “Green Star” is a complete rager from start to finish.