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Peaer - Peaer
Sunday, October 16, 2016 - 16:11
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Peaer’s second album (and first for Tiny Engines) comes with seven songs that are as moody as they are dynamic. The melodies sound like they were lifted off a Weezer album and songs are played with the jangly sloppiness of say, Pavement wrapped up in a slowcore jacket. Tracks are hook-driven one moment, driven by discordance the next. And instead of building up to a climactic ending, main songwriter Peter Katz seems content to let them drift off in nonchalance instead.

It makes for an intriguing listen that is somewhat hindered by the unexpected twists and turns Katz constantly works into his material. Opening track “Pink Spit” and “Cliff Song” both have a mellow vibe where melodies are carefully explored and then turned inside out. “Sick” is a short tune that is both catchy and self-loathing and “I.H.S.Y.A.” is a mathy rock venture built around a main riff that wouldn’t look out of place on a Pinback song.

If you are looking for a slightly offbeat album, this might be just the thing for you. There are a lot of interesting ideas being added to the mix along the way, but there is still room to grow.


Track listing:

  1. Pink Spit
  2. Cliff Song
  3. Third Law
  4. Drunk
  5. I.H.S.Y.A.
  6. Sick
  7. For The Rest Of Your Life
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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