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Distant Like You Asked
Like Pacific – Distant Like You Asked
Sunday, February 21, 2016 - 10:21
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Toronto’s Like Pacific aren’t half-assing it on their debut full-length, “Distant Like You Asked”. They have the melodic chops and energy of say, State Champs or Knuckle Puck, but manage to set themselves apart from the pack by throwing more aggressive vocals in the mix.

Granted, it may not sound like much of a difference. But in a genre where every other band sounds exactly the same, it’s the little things that count. These dudes did however fail to introduce much variety in between songs. I found it pretty challenging to tell the songs on “Distant Like You Asked” apart. It’s basically one big maelstrom of drums that are all over the place, Jordan Black’s vocals that are locked in a sing/scream-y mode and a never-ending barrage of similar-sounding riffs.

It’s all well-executed though and fans of the abovementioned bands might want to give Like Pacific a chance. But saying that “Distant Like You Asked” is good? That would be taking it a step too far.