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Live. Love. Let Go
Our Time Down Here – Live. Love. Let Go
Monday, March 15, 2010 - 00:00
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Southampton’s Our Time Down Here makes itself known with a debut full-length called “Live. Love. Let Go”. With songs that hardly ever last longer than 120 seconds, it’s pretty obvious that these guys play hardcore. Melodic hardcore that is. Expect to hear breakneck speed rhythms, crashing guitars, hoarsely shouted vocals and lots and lots of gang vocals.

This album is pretty damn decent but some of the mid-song turns they take feel awkward. A sudden shift in rhythm, the switch to acoustic folk music in “You Fucking Tragedy”… it takes some getting used to. Other than that “Live. Love. Let Go” is a good times guarantee if you’re into acts as diverse as Shook Ones (“Flip Up Caps And Crew Neck Sweats”) and Comeback Kid (“Sympathy Pains”).