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Sci-Fi Television
Friday, June 29, 2018 - 22:33
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Meet The Nectars! Popping up seemingly out of nowhere (actually… New Jersey), this band comes out swinging with debut album ‘Sci Fi Television’.

 ‘I Want It’ is a short and fiery opening blast that clocks in at just over 100 seconds and serves as a pretty apt mission statement. The Nectars are hungry and they want it. All of it. Which is why throughout the remaining eight songs, they rock out with songs that are punky, indie and/or poppy and that make you think of Blondie one second, No Doubt the next, before landing on Paramore. And then changing your mind and going with The Sounds. Oh, and ‘Lights Off’ for some reason made me think of The Cardigans. All of those references are in no small part thanks to vocalist Jessica Kenny who comes off as a ball of pent up energy and who has great taste in choosing people to look up to.

Not a particularly big fan of ‘Don’t Panic’, which comes with a verse, a chorus and a guitar solo that don’t do much of anything. Especially not when put after one another. And while they still need to kinda figure out their own sound, they already manage to impress with cuts like ‘Heaven’, ‘Cemetary Girl’ and the jacked up ‘Tired’.


Track listing:

  1. Holy
  2. Heaven
  3. Cemetery Girl
  4. We Will Run
  5. I Want It
  6. Don’t Panic
  7. Lights Off
  8. Tame
  9. Tired