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The Demon And The Devotee
The Love Me Nots – The Demon And The Devotee
Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 00:00
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Oh goodie goodie… The Love Me Nots are back and right off the bat, they take you back to the 60ies when guitars were still buzzing and keyboards in music were not just used to dress up an otherwise shitty song. Vocalist Nicole still sounds like she can’t make up her mind to kiss you or slap you and honestly, I wouldn’t want to her sound any other way.

The material on “The Demon And The Devotee” isn’t surprising if you’ve heard The Love Me Nots’ older work. It’s like listening to Juliette Lewis before she hooked up with that dude from The Mars Volta and starting using keyboards to dress up otherwise shotty songs. These dudes and dudettes call their music spy-fuzz-surf-gogo and that’s just fine by me… personally I would describe it as kickass but hey!