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The Lawrence Arms - Metropole
The Lawrence Arms - Metropole
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 12:41
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- by Christophe

Sometimes, just sometimes an old and jaded punk has a reason to smile.

It’s no secret The Lawrence Arms have been my favorite punk rock band of the “naughties”. I never really understood why the band never really got the attention it deserved. Yes, they were somewhat respected, almost cult. But a breakthrough? Nah.

However, over the past 7 years, while keeping relatively quiet, apart from the Buttsweat and Tears EP and a handful of shows, a comeback of the Windy threesome has become a somewhat anticipated item among the bearded community.

And well, here it is. The triumphant return of Larry Arms: a little gem called “Metropole”, an album as addictive as sex with a hot 20 year old nympho. As challenging as, ehm, sex with a hot 20 year old nympho. And as satisfying as, you got it bro, sex with a hot 20 year old nympho.

Never has The Lawrence Arms asked so much of its listeners. Even I, as a fan, was like “meh” during the first spin. Then I was more “okay, sure”. But after that I went like “Whoah”. And I pressed the repeat button for the first time in about a decade. And I wrote a lengthy, 5-paragraph review for the first time in that same decade.

Give this record the time it deserves. Standout songs like “Beautfiul Things”, “The YMCA Down the Street from the Clinic”, Paradise Shitty” and “October Blood” are just four randomly chosen titles from a record full of highlights. This is my favorite record of the year and it should be yours, too.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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