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Here's To Feelin' Good All The Time
Kid You Not Here’s To Feelin’ Good All The Time Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, October 11, 2022 - 15:22
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On album number four, Saint Augustine, FL based punks Kid You Not step up their game. Whereas their debut album, ‘Never A Dull Moment,’ saw them looking at Iron Chic almost too hard for their own good, they made considerable strides on 2020’s ‘Thanks, I Hate It’. This time around, they have expanded their views even more and as a result, have ended up with their most varied album to date.

Yes, you can still hear Iron Chic in the vocal delivery and the riffs of a song like ‘Doomscrolling’, but the song’s moody instrumental outro is something that we haven’t heard from these guys before. And melancholy-drenched cuts like ‘Last Of A Lost Generation’ and ‘Fire Sale! (Everything Must Go)’ sound like they were written in the same dive bar where Spanish Love Songs holes up.

‘Here’s To Feelin’ Good All The Time’ sees the band taking their singalongable prowess and coupling it to positivity and heartfelt melodies over the course of 10 new songs. Think less Iron Chic and more Spanish Love Songs with a bit of The Menzingers and Hot Water Music thrown in for good measure.


Here’s To Feelin’ Good All The Time track list:

  1. I Am Who I Am and I Wish I Weren’t
  2. Last of a Lost Generation
  3. First of a Dying Breed
  4. Doomscrolling
  5. The Longer It Isn’t Us the More It Will Happen
  6. I’m Not Superstitious but I Am a Little Stitious
  7. Fire Sale! Everything Must Go
  8. Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time
  9. Midlife Crisis Actor
  10. Here’s to Feelin’ Good All the Time


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Tom Dumarey

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