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Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 15:22
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- by Nate Hennon

Jeff Rosenstock is a relentless musician, producer, record label executive and DIY powerhouse. He has been a part of numerous ska, punk, and experimental rock bands during his tenure as human. His ability to be a multi-hyphened creative type is exemplary in his solo work. The aptly punctuated title, "WORRY." is not a fun album, but it does have character. This album centers on Rosenstock's trials and tribulations of being an accomplished person, without accomplishing anything important to the non-musical world. Each song vacillates between bombastic musical builds and depressing lyrics. This album is packed full of sounds, words, genres, feelings, and effort.

Half of the songs are fluff and could be removed to streamline this overblown album a bit. That said, this album has ten solid songs. If you want to hear what teen angst sounds like from an emerging adult, listen to "Pash Rash", "Staring Out The Window At Your Old Apartment" and "Wave Goodnight To Me". But if this thing isn't for you and you rather hear what it would be like if Ben Folds and Connor Oberst went on tour together, then check out "To Be A Ghost..." or "I Did Something Weird Last Night". All of these songs are incredibly catchy and will stick with you for a while. Yet, there are still a handful of songs that should have gone to bed early instead of trying to hang out with the seasoned partiers. They will just get hurt.


Track listing:

  1. We Begged 2 Explode
  2. Pash Rash
  3. Festival Song    
  4. Staring Out The Window At Your Old Apartment
  5. Wave To Goodnight To Me
  6. To Be A Ghost...
  7. Pietro, 60 Years Old
  8. I Did Something Weird Last Night
  9. Blast Damage Days
  10. Bang On The Door
  11. Rainbow
  12. Planet Luxury
  14. June 21st
  15. The Fuzz
  16. ...While You're Alive
  17. Perfect Sound Whatever