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With Honor Boundless Punk Rock Theory
Friday, September 8, 2023 - 15:45
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Remember With Honor? We last heard from the Connecticut-based melodic hardcore band when they released ‘This Is Our Revenge’ back in 2005 on Victory Records. They made quite a splash with that album, but burned out from touring and overwhelmed by the expectations placed on them, the band around brothers Jay and Jeff Aust disbanded a short time later. They are back now with ‘Boundless,’ which packs the band’s first new music in 18 years.

What started with a couple of reunion shows around Furnace Fest, eventually turned into an brand new album. One that sounds exactly like it could have been made right after that last record. Is that a positive thing though? They say that if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. I mean, sure, I wish I could still muster up the same amount of energy on a daily basis as I did 18 years ago. But I guess I was hoping for something a little bit more surprising.

With Honor definitely have the formula down pat. You can’t fault them for that. They know how to write a solid melodic and energetic hardcore tune that will appeal to fans of Comeback Kid, Reach The Sky and the likes. But with the exception of previously released single ‘Open Hands,’ everything starts to blend together after the first couple of tracks. It would be an injustice to label ‘Boundless’ a bad album, but it did leave me a bit underwhelmed. Whether or not you will like 'Boundless' will probably depend on what kind of expecations you have of the new album. Are you content to relive the past? Then these guys have got you covered.


Boundless track list:

  1. My Anchor
  2. Trees
  3. The Weight
  4. Open Hands
  5. Nonviolent Redemption
  6. Both/And
  7. To The Mourning
  8. Sovereignty Of Soul
  9. No Escape
  10. Rank & File
  11. Love Is All
  12. Grown Up & Gone
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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