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First Blood - Rules
Monday, February 13, 2017 - 12:13
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First Blood’s first new album in seven years is called “Rules” and you’ll know it. Every song on here has the word ‘rules’ in the title. “Rules Of Engagement”, “Rules Of Life”, “Rules Of Freedom”, “Rules Of Conviction”,… anyway, you get the idea. Oh, there are two song titles that somewhat deviate from the norm: “Fuck The Rules” and “These Are The Rules”. Which if you ask me, should have been put on the album in reverse order. At least that way you would know what the rules were before you start yelling about how you are against them.

And it’s not just the song titles that are repetitive. The songs themselves are structured around pummeling drums and chugga chugga riffs that sound like the guitarist only knows one note. Repetition really is key here. That’s okay though because most of the time, the songs are treated as a vehicle for the band to launch into a breakdown about every 30 seconds. Meanwhile vocalist Carl Schwartz has fully embraced the ‘The Manual of Hardcore Clichés’ when it comes to the lyrics. Seriously. Lines that are about fighting for what you believe in or fighting to rise above don’t really cut it anymore. And that last part of “Rules Of Life” where he keeps repeating the words ‘that’s life’ like it’s some profound message? Nah.

Fans of Terror, Hatebreed, Hoods or Madball that are in dire need of a new soundtrack to 2-step through their day, might want to check out “Rules”. Everyone else can just step around this one.


Track listing:

  1. Fuck The Rules
  2. These Are The Rules
  3. Rules Meant To Be Broken
  4. Rules Of Life
  5. Rules Of Conviction
  6. Rules Of Engagement
  7. Rules Of Justice
  8. Rules Of Survival
  9. Rules Of Freedom
  10. Rules Of Sacrifice
  11. Rules Of Government
  12. Rules Of Crisis
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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