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True To You
Heavyhex True To You Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, May 2, 2024 - 19:01
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Random encounters can sometimes have great consequences. When guitarist Daniel Lukach was searching for a buyer for his Hiwatt lead 50, he crossed paths with Jeremy Gardiner. The two kept in touch and this led to them later forming HEAVYHEX. Long Island has already given us plenty of great hardcore bands in the past. Just think of Silent Majority, The Movielife, Vision Of Disorder, Glassjaw and more recently, Koyo to name but a few. You can now add Heavyhex to the list.

Out on Bridge Nine Records, the band’s upcoming debut record, "True To You," packs ten songs that dive deep into personal struggles, societal issues, and the demand for equality. Musically, they draw inspiration from the likes of Have Heart and Title Fight, finding a place between melodic hardcore and post-hardcore that works great for them with a sound that is as aggressive as it is melodic.


True To You track listing:

  1. Asymmetry
  2. You Can't Stay Here
  3. Glare
  4. True To You
  5. Give Yourself Away
  6. Worthwhile
  7. Constant War
  8. Falling
  9. Whatever It Takes
  10. Every Thought of You
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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