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Got It Made
Guttermouth - Got It Made
Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 20:39
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- by Chris Crane

Make Guttermouth Great Again.

That's how I've felt since "Covered with Ants".

Guttermouth's "Friendly People" was the first Punk Rock I ever heard beyond "Dookie" and it was the album that made me love it. Guttermouth had energy, comedy, and the 'fuck off' attitude that appeals to any adolescent. Their discography had a good run on now defunct Nitro Records, and then they went to Epitaph and...yeah. 

"Got it Made" got my attention right away. The guitars. Guttermouth has always been about the guitars for me and "The Point" fucking nails that sound. It carries through, and even the solo riff in "A Punk Rock Tale of Woe" feels right. Mark even sounds like Mark again. Whatever his current regimen of controlled substances, it's working. The songwriting is there, not their most stellar, but solid Guttermouth, and Mark sounds like he's present and pissed and articulate. The asshole we hate to love and love to hate is here in full force. I'm reminded of their Nitro years, with the exception of "Teri Yakimoto" which although great, has a different flavor than the rest.

After their last four albums, the decision to release an EP instead of a full length is merciful. There's no filler, no poppy songs, no things that rhyme with Darby Crash. This is a rock solid Guttermouth release that is not out of place next to "Gorgeous" in your collection. Play it on repeat, and turn it up.

This gets a very cautious 7.5 out of 10.

Guttermouth might actually be Great Again.