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Guards Of Metropolis - Alligator
Guards Of Metropolis - Alligator
Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 13:00
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Once you look past the ridiculous band name, the generic album title and the ugly album artwork, you will get rewarded for your open mind. I'm not sure how many people exactly will look that far, but it's well worth the effort, both visually and sonically. Because seriously, who needs Superman when you've got guards of Metropolis that look like vocalist Kristin and bassist Silver. These two Norwegian beauties hooked up with two California dudes and recorded a poppy hook-filled album with an edge.

With equal parts Garbage, Elastica and Blondie, "Alligator" makes for a fun listen with great choruses in songs like "Perfect World" and "Don't Wanna Be Like You". Check it out!