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I'll Never Be Okay, I'll Never Be The Same
Goddamnit - I'll Never Be Okay, I'll Never Be The Same
Sunday, March 5, 2017 - 09:33
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- by Nate Hennon


Let me start this review with a rant. I do not understand what 'post-hardcore' means. To me, it is a lazy way of saying "bands that grew up on punk, but learned to play their instruments." Just because a band is full of great musicians that choose to class-up the punk flophouse, doesn't mean music journalists need to develop a new label that distances these groups from music then consider 'less-than.'

On that note, Goddamnit is a great post-hardcore band with a great recent release, "I'll Never Be Okay, I'll Never Be the Same." They have the ability to tell a great, compelling story like their fellow Philadelphians while developing a more dynamic and complex musicianship (like Braid), but manage to create a 'punk air' around their songs (like Hot Water Music). Also, as mentioned, these guys are from Philadelphia (like The Menzingers). Not that this has anything to do with their band, I just think Philly has such a good scene right now that it is worth extra emphasis. Some of the best parts of "I'll Never Be Okay, I'll Never Be the Same" is the excellent use of the rhythm section. For any of you that have read my pieces before, you know I am a big sucker for great bass and drum dynamics. Just like the aforementioned Hot Water Music, Goddamnit use their rhythms to great effect, most notably on the song "Third Time's a Charm."

On the other hand, one element I do not like on "I'll Never Be Okay, I'll Never Be the Same" is the unneeded use of recorded voiceover that occurs randomly throughout the whole album. I am sure this studio element adds to the overall feel of the album, but I found it more of a distraction from Goddamnit's sonic barrage.


Track listing:

  1. Fix Dis
  2. Letterbox
  3. The Option
  4. Steady Diet Of Sugar
  5. Third Time's A Charm
  6. Stay The Same
  7. Blue Jeans
  8. Can't Stand The View
  9. Still Waiting
  10. What Was Left
  11. The Message



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Tom Dumarey

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