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All This Time Is Yours Now
Goddamnit All This Time Is Yours Now Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 12:26
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Philadelphia’s Goddamnit have been around since 2011 and in that time, they have already cranked out some pretty sweet releases. Their latest album, ‘All This Time Is Yours Now,’ blends in perfectly with the band’s back catalog. And if you have heard any of their previous albums, you know that means you’re in for a treat.

Throughout the 11 songs that make up the album, the band does their utmost best to completely blur the lines between gritty yet melodic punk and post-hardcore. And it has to be said, they do a bangup job of mixing the emotive sounds of bands like Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Polar Bear Club and maybe some Iron Chic. 

They set the tone right off the bat on ‘Totally Undone’ with a slowly building guitar line, drum intro and then the opening line ‘Light a candle / For the good times gone away’. Yeah, singing ‘Kumbaya’ around the campfire this is not. But couple the somewhat dour lyrics to solid riffage, headnod-inducing rhythms and plenty of singalong action and you end up with quite the cathartic album that deserves to be heard.


All This Time Is Yours Now track list:

  1. Totally Undone    
  2. Rejects on the Wall    
  3. Lost in Tension    
  4. Rust Between the Years    
  5. Marked Safe From the Hurricane    
  6. Hide the Bruises Wisely    
  7. Pieces Left    
  8. Undeserving    
  9. Learn the Line    
  10. Not Quite Airtight    
  11. Oakford


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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