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Be Human
Fightstar – Be Human
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 00:00
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Damn, I guess this is their ‘let us show everyone we’re all grown up now’-album. Many bands try this at some point in their career when they are no longer content with writing catchy songs. Unfortunately most of them fail due to a lack of real talent. All too often they then try to mask that by including lots of bombastic string sections and choral parts. All of this you’ll find in abundance on “Be Human”, Fightstar’s latest album.

On songs like “Calling All Stations” it quickly becomes obvious that vocalist Charlie Simpson’s voice just falls terribly short for what he has in mind with this album. Next up is “The English Way” which starts off with pretty much the exact same vocal melody as the song preceding it before becoming a complete joke by throwing in a choir that makes no sense in the song at all. And it just keeps on going even further downhill from there with songs like “War Machine” and “Whisperer”.

As much as I liked their debut album on Deep Elm back in the day, I’m afraid “Be Human” is a case of way too much effort and simply not enough talent. Terrible, terrible album.