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Face Tomorrow - Face Tomorrow
Face Tomorrow - Face Tomorrow
Friday, July 8, 2011 - 00:00
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If there's anyhting you need to know about Face Tomorrow, it's this: there is, for as far as I know, no better rock band in The Netherlands.

This is their fourth album, and never before has the band sounded so tight - kudos to a great production, by the way - and so focussed.

Imagine if Texas is the Reason had song-sex with Muse. Or if Radiohead had given Sunny Day Real Estate blowjobs....

Basically, this record is like a hermaphrodite threeway. It's got the best of three worlds!

Wonderful emo, delicate indiepop and straight up rock with stadium-sized allure. It's all there.

And there's plenty of moneyshots around: "All th Way", "The Fix", "Move On", "The Maze"... All killer!

But there is one filler: the instrumental track "Dead End". And although it's nice, it interrupts the great mood set by the previous tracks. Honestly? I think it could've been left out.

But that's all the criticism I can give. So go on, check it out, because you won't want to miss this one!