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The Weight Of Your Love
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 20:59
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For a while it looked like there wouldn’t even be a new Editors album. Frontman Tom Smith went and did his own thing, making a record with Andy Burrows and helping out Tired Pony and The Japanese Popstars along the way. Founding member Chris Urbanowicz left the band and was replaced by Justin Lockey (guitar) and Elliott Williams (keys). In short, shit didn’t look good.

So it’s already a small miracle that “The Weight Of Your Love” exists. Unfortunately the new album isn’t very good. Everything sounds bombastic, over the top and it’s as if they forgot to write actual songs. Instead we are treated to a neverending barrage of sweeping synths, drums that always seem ready to kickstart the song but never actually do just that and way too much pathos slithering out of Smith’s mouth.

So where did it go wrong? Songs like “Sugar”, “Two Hearted Spider” and “Nothing” have everything in store to be good tracks. Well, Editors has always been a band that had a flair for the dramatic. But my guess is that producer Jacquire King happened. He’s the duded that previously helped Kings Of Leon get ready for the arenas and managed to strip away everything that made them sound genuine.

After having listened to “The Weight Of Your Love” a couple of times, I’m left thinking that maybe it would have been a good thing if Editors had indeed called it a day in 2009.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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