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Goodbye Old Life EP
Echo Screen – Goodbye Old Life EP
Friday, July 17, 2009 - 00:00
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Back in 2006 Echo Screen sounded like a way too sugary poppunk band. Not terrible, but they wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. After a hiatus the band got back together and headed for the studio to record “Goodbye Old Life” with Ace Enders.

The five songs on this EP are definitely a couple of steps in the right direction for these guys. Opener “I Amsterdam” sounds like something Limbeck could whip up while “The Ballad Of Jack Shephard (Battle Chorus)” is a song that Death Cab would like to have written. “Bombs Away” is off to a good start as well but then kinda loses its appeal by being a bit too repetitive in the chorus. Luckily there’s still the piano balladry of “The Sun” to end things on a better note.

Fun release by a band that’s onto something… keep an eye out for them!