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Dwarves - Dwarves Are Born Again
Dwarves - Dwarves Are Born Again
Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 00:00
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A picture of naked ladies and a small person. An opening song featuring lyrics like "Let's get high and fuck some sluts", a running time of 31 minutes for 18 tracks?

Well, call it a shot in the dark, but could this be a new Dwarves-album?

Yes, it is. And thank the dwarf-God, because this is an excellent album. After "The Dwarves Must Die", I personally was almost ready to actually help 'em out, with the dying business.

But now, I have a renewed faith. Fast-paced three-chord punkrock, some slower, rock 'n roll-y songs and only a few smaller experiments with techno beats and other weirdness... Of course, there's nothing wrong with the experiments. Certainly not when used sparingly, such as on this record.

Oh fuck it, I'm ramblin'.The Dwarves are an awesome bunch of raunchy, randy, horny punkrock animals again. Get this record or I'll shove a dwarf so far up your ass you'll be Grumpy for the rest of your life.

Yes, that's a Snow White joke.