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Who Cares Anyway?
Don't Worry - Who Cares Anyway?
Monday, July 2, 2018 - 18:45
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On ‘Who Cares Anyway’, the Essex foursome that is Don’t Worry explore what it’s like to be young in the late 2010’s and all the stress and anxiety that comes with it. They do so in songs that take some of their favorite 90ies bands like Dinosaur Jr. and The Dismemberment Plan, and then throw it through a Frightened Rabbit filter before ending up with something very now and distinctly British.


Co-fronted by singer/guitarists Ronan Kehoe and Samuel Watson who each bring their own personality to the table, there is quite a lot going on here. Single ‘Big House’ has a bit of a Motion City Soundtrack going on, ‘Mood Swings & Roundabouts’ is a spoken-word emo meet J Mascis song that impresses all the way to the end and ‘Wknd’ sounds like Title Fight taking a stab at writing muzak. Not all of it hits equally hard, but that still leaves a helluva lot to enjoy on here.


Recorded and produced by long term collaborator Bob Cooper (Citizen, Self Defence Family, Nervus), and mastered by Carl Saff (Dinosaur Jr, Cloakroom, Tiny Moving Parts), ‘Who Cares Anyway’ comes with an album title that is no longer appropriate for this foursome.


Track listing:

  1. The Barber's Got No Answers
  2. Big House
  3. Yeah, Me
  4. Who Cares (U Care)
  5. Mood Swings & Roundabouts
  6. Wknd
  7. Rafters
  8. Yeah, Maybe
  9. Bird
  10. Confetti
  11. This Time Next Year
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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