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Broad Shoulders
Dikembe - Broad Shoulders
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 00:00
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After assuring us in the opening track that they are always in motion, Gainesville’s Dikembe launches into more angular guitar antics on “Apology Not Fucking Accepted”, which leads up to the message that they are so mad they can’t see straight. So we’re two songs into the album and we already have always in motion, mad and well, you can add honest to the list as well which should already give you an inkling of an idea what these guys sound like.

“Broad Shoulders” sounds so typically Midwest emo that I just naturally assumed these guys were from Minneapolis . Turns out they’re from Gainesville. Guess that works out well for them because they can sleep at their own place after playing The Fest 11… which is less than two months away. Plenty of time left though for you to pick up a copy of this album and memorize the singalong part in “Librarians Kill For That Kind Of Quiet”!

This is a solid debut but if I would have to point out one flaw it’s that none of the songs really stand out and they do start to blend together after a while. Then again, pretty much every song comes with this cool little part that sneaks up on you out of nowhere and spices things up for a bit.